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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thomas Friedman (Propagandameister)

"I think that there's one thing we should finally be doing is using this opportunity to have a credible energy policy that begins to reduce our addiction to oil.  Gasoline is almost $4 a gallon.  We know that's a red line where people really start to change their behavior.  At a minimum, I'd be talking about a tax that basically says we're going to keep it at $4.  If it goes below we'll true it up, if it goes above that we're not going to touch it.  Maybe say we're not going to implement it until 2012."

What a genius idea.  Lets add a little more stress to an already pathetic economic recovery.  Lets raise the cost of gas, which will also raise the cost of food and every other product, which will lead to less buying, which will lead to less jobs...I'm sure the American people would really appreciate this great idea and the landslide of repercussions that would follow it.

Or maybe the American people will go completely nuts.  Maybe they'll finally get sick of the 'Masters of the Universe' screwing with their lives...Which is why Friedman had to throw in the comment about waiting until 2012, because he knows if he gets his way and the government artificially props up the cost of gas (more than it already does) his Liberal friends in Congress are going to get booted out of office in greater numbers than they did in 2010.  Even more important, his buddy in the White House will get jack-stomped as well.


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