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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

George Stephanopoulos (ABC Gas Czar)

“Just about every expert on energy says the best way to become energy independent is to raise the price of oil and gas, to have a serious energy tax. Why not call for it? Couldn’t we become independent much more quickly if we had the kind of energy tax you see in Europe?”

**And maybe we can just crank up our own "Oil for Food" schemes with the world's shitheads to get cheap oil, instead.......Also, I don't know what Stephi's talking about, because last I checked Europe was anything but "energy independant," and is constantly looking for their next oil scheme.

Maybe we could do it the smart way and drastically increase our oil production and refining capability in the U.S........Nah, that would make way too much sense.

For those of you who prefer numbers, lets look at some gas costs in Europe........They use liters (3.8 liters = 1 U.S. gallon)

United Kingdom = 5.09/gallon
France = 4.64
Germany = 4.67
U.S. =2.01 (I'm paying around 2.20 in Phoenix).

Imagine what following Europe's lead on gas prices would do to the American economy? It would be painful as hell, and crushing on American business and consumers....Which I'm afraid is exactly what many Liberals want.**


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